VRJ- Moon Drops

Velvet Rose Jewel presents its new limited Christmas product 
〜Moon Drops〜

As if  snow flakes are falling down from the stars The moon drops its love upon your heart.




1.Gold pendant ¥47,250(incl.tax)

K18YG(yellow gold)/Quartz 9mm

2.Gold Earings ¥35,700(incl.tax)

K18YG(yellow gold)/Quartz 6mm

3.White pendant ¥49,350(incl.tax)

K18WG(white gold)/Quartz 9mm

4.White Earings ¥37,800(incl.tax)

K18WG(white gold)/Quartz 6mm
Xmas4文字s.psd1.Gold pendant&2.Gold EaringsXmas2文字s.psd3.White pendant&4.White Earings

Xmas7文字s.psd2.Gold Earings

Sold out Thank you.

※ It will take about 2 weeks to send the final product.
※Thease products are available for a limited time only during the Christmas and New Year's season.