Q1: Where is your store?
Our store is online only.
Q2: Is your jewelry designed by invitation only?
We accept your orders without invitation. Many of our customers are introduced to us by someone. But we are pleased to accept first time customers also.

Q3: I heard custom-made jewelry costs a lot of money. How much does it cost on average?
We do our best to accommodate each customer based upon his/her budget. However cost depends on the design, material and bullion prices. Just let us know your budget.
Q4: When do we pay?
After you decide your design and start the crafting, you cannot cancel the order. The reason for this is due to the costs of design and crafting. After the final product is made we will ask for payment.
Q5: How much influence can I have on the design?
Jewelry is very important to each customer. We can discuss in detail until you are satisfied 100%. We will do our best to serve a perfect product.
Q6: Do you take orders from all of Japan and overseas?
Yes. We will be able to accept your order from anywhere.