VRJ - Customer's voice

Mr. Junichi Konno・Mrs. Ai Konno

Marriage Ring

We ordered our rings for the day of our official marriage registration, 2011/8/8.
The ring which was made by the designer is the most important treasure for us.
I was introduced to Mrs. Heissner from my friend. So I trusted her and felt how nice she is. She carefully asked a lot of questions about us. She is extremely detailed in her work.
She tried to do her best to make our ring and if she found a little defect on the ring, she fixed it. And the final product was more wonderful than we expected.
We had an image of what we wanted, so we talked to her on the phone about the shape, color, texture and sizing. We were surprised because she already had designed it when we met her for the first time. We felt a big difference between her and the big jewelry stores which always follow a manual text book. Even if we asked to change it often, she never complained and accepted it. And she also gave us advice as a designer about what to change. The ring is more than we expected. We are so satisfied.
She chose a box for us with a cute little ribbon too.
We can count on her because she is professional and also has a warm heart.
We were really happy to meet Mrs Heissner.
We could never find a better marriage ring anywhere else.
Thank you very much.

Mrs. Chieko Denda

Custom-made Jewelry

I ordered custom-made jewelry as a gift to my self for working 10 years at the same company. I asked the designer to make a pendant with my initial C and also asked for a ring. She drew a lot of designs so it took time for me to choose which one I liked best.
Also she gave me the design papers, -they are my treasure.
I especially loved the design which looks like a mother taking care of her own child.
I asked her to carve the word `FAMILY` inside the ring because the familial bond is very important for me.
I’m very satisfied with my jewelry.
Thank you for this original jewelry. As far as I am concerned, Yumi-san is the best designer in the whole world.(^-^)

Mrs. T.H

Custom-made Jewelry

I wanted to make a pendant with a special meanings, ` A bond between parent and child`. So I asked her to create my initials and my daughter’s initials with one stroke design. I was really touched to see the pendant. I will always wear it as a treasure for myself but I will also give it as a gift to my daughter when she becomes 20 years old.\(^O^)/

Mrs. T.M

Reform Jewely

I was introduced to Mrs Heissner from my friend.
I asked her to reform an old ring from my mother in law.
I recently had a baby daughter, so I thought it might be a good chance to give it to her some day. Mrs Heissner listened very carefully to what I wanted, and made a lot of designs. It took me time to choose because every design was great!
The ring was more wonderful than I expected.
The ring is the most important treasure for me and my daughter.
I really appreciate Mrs. Heissner for making this wonderful ring.


Mr. Takuya Yokoyama・Mrs. Yukiko Yokoyama

Marriage Ring

I met Mrs. Heissner through my friend.
We are full of joy to have such a special ring with a secret meaning for us.
She designed so diligently for us and it became a truly unique piece.
We feel her love and passion from her designs.
Thank you so much.♪

Mr. A・M・Mrs. Y・M

Marriage Ring

We have a special memory together from a rainy day, so we ordered a marriage ring with the image of rain in mind.
She designed in such small, beautiful detail. It would never happen with a commercial item. We are so touched to have this original and wonderful ring.
Thank you very much.

Mrs. R・T

Custom-made Jewelry

I ordered a gold necklace and ring.
I asked her to design it with a ruby, my birthstone. Her designs have a special meaning. Her jewelry has become my lucky charm.
I will take special care of this jewelry which is special and unique in the whole world.
Thank you Mrs Heissner.


Custom-made Jewelry

I ordered a pinky ring as a gift to my self.
She made a lot of designs and everything was really good so it took time to choose.
I finally found the perfect one for me. I was really excited just to wait for it.
I wanted the ring to become my lucky charm, so I asked her to put a secret word inside the ring. She is very good at designing to suit each person.
It is my treasure.